In fact, by the brake pads and brake discs modification, it has been able to make the braking performance has been significantly improved, of course, if your budget is sufficient, or on the nice big abalone (multi-piston brake cylinder) is no immunity, and that dress the entire brake system would be better, of course, where the brake wheel cylinder brake system modification is the most expensive part of the usual price of each should be on the yuan, nice big calipers (Southern habit image called abalone ) is attracting a lot of reasons to buy the owner at all costs. Multi-piston design allows the brake force more evenly delivered to the brakes, the braking force is not only enhanced, larger brakes can also serve to improve the cooling efficiency. At the same time high-performance brake cylinder also has the advantage of light weight, further reduce unsprung mass to improve handling.

In addition, many modifications 6 piston cylinder piston 8 owners even after conversion but feel the foot feeling worse, the brake pedal stroke becomes longer, which is a result of the brake master cylinder and cylinder mismatch, if only plus large each wheel brake cylinder, push the brake pads to increase the wheel cylinder pistons, more and more need to be supplied per unit time the more brake oil, but we do not replace the brake master cylinder turbocharger uk, master cylinder supply cylinder oil is based on the original design, and can not supply enough new large cylinder oil. Is the same as reducing the braking force, pedal stroke naturally longer, foot feeling worse, so that the brake cylinder can not be modified to achieve the desired performance, so when modified cylinder must take into account the supply capacity of the master cylinder, and in fact, for models for less than 300 horsepower, 4-piston brake cylinder is already enough to use. Tips: people tend to focus on the protection of the engine, while the braking system is also a need to run and can not be completely flat and then fit between work well even if the brake system, brake discs and brake pads, new modification after braking system absolutely can not wait to test is a big mistake.

The new brake pads and brake rotors are need to run the process, then the need gentle brake them to run, if the new state is under brutal driving, hard braking, it is easy to cause the brakes flawed, affecting life. After getting a more powerful braking performance, we will find the original cars suspension system has to withstand such a powerful braking force crankshaft, the dynamic stability of the vehicle deterioration, nodding phenomenon is more serious, dynamic rear is also possible therefore become restless. Then for a set of shock absorbers to support better performance it is very necessary, adjust the excellent suspension system can also improve system performance, which is why the modification is a systems engineering, indeed affect the overall situation.

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